5. April 2024: Personal Programming Project (PPP) - Updated rules and guidelines

As a companion to the PPP module description we provide for the summer semester 2024 detailed and updated guidelines for all stages of the project.

Please see the attached PDF: PPP Rules Summer Semester 2024

15. December 2023: PPP Excellence Award Ceremony 2023 - The night of the "CMS-Oscars"

PPP Excellence Award Ceremony 2023 - The night of the CMS-Oscars

The Personal-Programming-Project (PPP) Excellence Award Ceremony 2023 for CMS@TUBAF took place on,

15. December 2023
in WEI-1051

   Photos from the Award Ceremony  

29. November 2023: Extra Seminar

Retul Pillai: "Image segmentation and generation of statistics of laser ablated thin metal film micrographs"

04. December 2023
in WEI-1051

This work was carried out by Retul Pillai within his Personal Programming Project (PPP), a compulsory module within CMS@TUBAF.

The Dean of Studies

26. October 2023: Personal Programming Project (PPP) - Updated rules and guidelines

As a companion to the PPP module description we provide in the winter semester 2023/24 detailed and updated guidelines for all stages of the project. This is intended to support CMS students in being successful in their programming project.

Please see the attached PDF: PPP Rules Winter Semester 2023-24

12. October 2023: Welcome Address and Reception for CMS-Freshmen

36 students have newly enrolled at CMS@TUBAF for the winter semester 2023/24.
Some have to first study online from their home countries due to visa delays.

The drastic increase in new CMS students by more than 100% compared to the previous year (winter semester 2022/23: 17 new enrollments) and by 80% compared to the 5-year average shows the increased attractiveness of this course of study. In terms of the number of initial enrollments, CMS@TUBAF is now one of the three largest study programs at TUBA Freiberg.

Additional capacities are being mobilized to continue to ensure the very high standards of this top degree program.

Impressions of the event  

CMS Freshmen Statics

Progress of enrollment into the 1st CMS semester for winter term 2023

Date Number of students with enrollment
Completed Currently Processed Request Submitted
10.10.2023 35 + 1* - -
28.09.2023 30 1 12
26.09.2023 24 4 15
15.09.2023 17 5 18
* TUBAF-internal change to CMS

06. October 2023: The CMS-Dean of Studies Prof. Eidel invites Freshmen to Welcome Event

On October 12, a welcome event takes place for the CMS-freshmen.
The schedule:

10:00-11:30 Welcome Address in the Audimax by the CMS-Dean of Studies
Introduction to the Master Course CMS@TUBAF (Hybrid event with embedded zoom-session)
11:30-12:00 Group Photo, Move to the Mensa
12:00-14:00 Welcome Reception in the Mensa Conference Room 1.03
A get-together with lunch
14:00 End of event

28. September 2023: New library building and lecture hall at TUBAF

New library building and lecture hall at TUBAF

The TU Bergakademie Freiberg has a new representative lecture hall and library building in the heart of the campus. In time for the winter semester 2023/24, teachers and students will be able to use the new lecture hall and library building. In addition to the library, the new building houses two large, barrier-free lecture halls with 350 seats each, another lecture hall, seminar rooms and a cafeteria. The new university library offers space for around 720,000 books, journals and other media. Future users will also benefit from a total of 480 modernly designed learning and workstations adapted to the diverse teaching and research needs of students.
Construction work on the new university library with lecture hall center began in 2019, taking around four years. The Free State of Saxony invested about 49 million euros in the construction project.
The new university library is open from Monday to Friday 7 am to 10 pm and Saturday 10 am to 6 pm.

22. September 2023: Enrollment

Reminder: Online enrollment is possible for CMS@TUBAF in the winter semester 2023 (see the News from 13. July 2023)
Note that online enrollment enables to start the Course without (a) the APS (required for India, China, ...) and without (b) the Visa.
Online enrollment is a good choice and advisable, if the APS certificate or the Visa is not yet available and if it is furthermore not sure, whether these documents will be available before the winter semester starts.  

08. August 2023: CMS-Students elected into important bodies of academic self-government

  1. To the CMS Study Commission (Studienkommission): Aditya Deshmukh, Aagashram Neelakandan, Pradeep Periyasamy
  2. To the CMS Audit Committee (Prüfungsausschuss): Rahul Vishnu Narkhede

Link to page. 

Congratulations to the elected-ones! Thank you for your commitment to representing the interests of CMS students! 

13. July 2023: Information for incoming students starting in winter semester 2023/24

By the rectorate's decision on 10.07.2023 online enrolments should also be possible again for the winter semester 2023/24. 

On 12.07.2023 the following information was given by the TUBAF-administration: Comparable to the regulations of previous semesters, the faculties are free to determine courses in which the 1st semester (WS 23/24) can be started as an online semester. This enables students to arrive and continue their studies without missing any teaching units during the winter semester, by March 31, 2024 at the latest. (Admitted students asking for an individual letter-of-late-arrival can consider this as a generalized form of what they asked for.) 

As a consequence, the CMS Dean of Study has named CMS on July 12th to be started as an online semester and has communicated this nomination to international students admitted for the winter semester 2023/24 via email. 

After 21.07.2023 the TUBAF-admissions office shall inform the admitted applicants promptly about the possibility of online enrolment and the resulting process. 

15. May 2022: Impressions from the Excellence Award Event of WS2021/22


15. May 2022: Excellence Award for best PPPs of WS2021/22

Congrats to CMS student Akshay Balachandran Jeeja for winning the Excellence award for the best PPP performed during the winter semester 2021/22. Mr. Jeeja was felicitated with an Excellence Certificate during the PPP Excellence award ceremony held on 07. April 2022 at the AUDIMAX.

As part of the event, Mr. Jeeja presented his work titled "Coupling of Peridynamics and XFEM for 2D Dynamic Crack Propagation".

PPP Excellence Award Event 2022

07. April 2022: Excellence Award Event for best PPPs of WS2021/22

As with each year, the Personal Programming Projects of CMS students that satisfy stringent criteria will be awarded a Certificate of Excellence. In this regard, a felicitation event has been planned for Thursday 14. April 2022, 16:00 hrs CEST

The award ceremony will take place in the AUDIMAX (AUD-1001).

During the event, the award winners will present their work and/or give a short demo of the program/code that they developed during the course of their project. Subsequently, they will felicitated with a certificate acknowledging their achievements. 

The event will also offer students who aim to do their PPP in the near future, an opportunity to interact with the prize winners. The lecturers will not be a part of this discussion in order to facilitate open discussion between students themselves.

The event is open to all! Please encourage your peers and acknowledge their work by attending the event.

Announcement: PPP Excellence Award Event 2022

30. March 2022: Open HiWi positions at the Chair of MicroMechanics and Multiscale Materials Modeling (M5)

A couple of HiWi positions are open in the MicroMechanics and Multiscale Materials Modeling group of Prof. Bernhard Eidel. The prospective candidate should have sound programming skills in Python and/or C++. 

For more information, please see the attached PDF: Hiwi Jobs at M5.

8. March 2022: Prof. Bernhard Eidel elected Dean of Studies

Prof. Bernhard Eidel elected Dean of Studies

Prof. Bernhard Eidel, head of the Micromechanical Materials Modelling group, has been elected Dean of Studies of the CMS Master's program by the Faculty Council and takes over duties from Prof. Björn Kiefer.

4. February 2022: Novel course on Machine Learning scheduled

New course on Machine LearningA novel course titled  >>>Machine Learning for Materials Scientists<<< will enter the CMS curriculum already in the summer semester 2022. The course will be held by Prof. Bernhard Eidel and fosters the ongoing CMS teaching activities in the direction of Materials Informatics.

23. January 2022:

Paper by CMS Student Vimal Muthusamy

Congratulations to CMS Student Vimal Muthusamy for publishing his work in the reputed scientific journal Materialia. Vimal Muthusamy is now the second CMS student to have their research work conducted during their studies published in an international journal of high scientific repute. The paper is published open access and is available for download from the following link: Download paper - Vimal, Sandfeld, Prakash.

The work was performed in the group of Dr. Arun Prakash.

The paper introduces a new method to perform grain segmentation in atomistic simulations using unsupervised machine learning algorithms. The clustering method -- called OrISODATA -- developed in this work performs an iterative self-organizing data analysis in the orientation space and introduces model parameters that have intuitive physical meaning and are also similar to those used in experiments.

Congrats to Mr. Vimal Muthusamy, Prof. Stefan Sandfeld and Dr. Arun Prakash.

Paper: Orisodata by Vimal, Sandfeld, Prakash

1. January 2022: 

CMS: Applications WelcomeThe application period for the CMS Master's program for the Winter Term 2022/23 is now open for submissions. The last date for submission is 15. April 2022. Applications are welcome!


Paper by CMS Student Prince Henry Serrao

The quality of students in the CMS Master's program and the hard work that they put in rewards itself in many ways. One such example is the work of CMS Student Prince Henry Serrao from the batch of WS 2018/19. His work has now been published in the international journal SoftwareX

The work was done in the group of Dr. Arun Prakash

The authors developed an open-source software tool called OptiMic that can generate microstructures for both finite element as well as atomistic simulations. The nicety of the tool is that it can be used to tailor certain microstructural features like, grain size distribution, triple junction angles, grain boundary area, etc., to reflect those found in a target distribution.

The work is also an extension of the personal programming project (PPP) of Mr. Serrao developed under the supervision of Dr. Arun Prakash. This is the first time that a CMS Student has published their work which was developed during and as part of the course.

Congrats to Mr. Prince Henry Serrao, Prof. Stefan Sandfeld and Dr. Arun Prakash

OptiMic can be downloaded from the git repository on gitlab

Paper: Prakash + Serrao


Excellence Awards for the best PPPs

As is the case with every year, the best Personal Programming Projects, submitted as part of the CMS curriculum, are awarded an excellence award in appreciation of the fantastic work put in. This year four students have been able to satisfy the stringent criteria of the PPP Excellence Award. Due to the current CoViD restrictions, the event was once again a completely online affair. 

Congrats to Danush Kumar Venkatesh, Sai Karthikeya Vemuri, Sudarshan Manjunatha Pai and Viswambar Yasa for their excellent projects.

PPP Excellence Award Winners 2021


Excellence awards for best PPPs

Congratulations to Vikas Diddige, Meghal Shah, Sushanth Keshav, Vimal Muthusamy and Prince Henry Serrao for their excellent projects in the framework of the Personal Programming Projects of the CMS Master's course.

It is indeed a pleasure to see multiple students receive excellence awards, despite the stringent criteria.

Due to the lockdown conditions because of CoViD-19, the award event was an entirely online affair.

CMS Excellence Award winners 2020


Excellence awards to the best Personal Programming Projects

As part of their curricula, CMS students need to conceptualize, plan, develop and execute a programming project during the third semester of their study. The goal of this Personal Programming Project is that students obtain hands-on programming knowledge by developing a toolbox or software package, and thus enhance their programming skills which are now essential skill sets for both academia and industry.

The best projects that satisfy very stringent criteria qualify for the Excellence Award. This year, three students have been successful in achieving this award. Congrats to Deepalaxmi Rajagopal, Aytekin Demirci, and Pavan Chandra Vundurthy on obtaining this award.

PPP Excellence Award Winners


CHE Ranking: CMS among the top Master's program in Germany

The CMS Master's Program has been rated highly among the Materials Science Master's Program in Germany. The Student-Teacher interaction and the initial orientation for incoming students are some of the key factors that have been emphasized in the rating. Both the Faculty of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering, under which CMS resides, as well as the Materials Science Faculty (Fakultät 5), to which CMS is very closely related, have been rated among the top ten in Germany.


 Selection result

If your application number (18XXX) is NOT on the list, we thank you for your application. Unfortunately, we received a large number of applications, and you could not be selected to attend the course. We wish you good luck for your master studies in another program.

If your application number (18XXX) is on this list, you were selected by the selection committee (pending approval of the student office) to attend the master in Computational Materials Science offered at TU Freiberg, Germany. Non-officially, congratulations, and we are looking forward meeting you in Freiberg.

Best regards,
Selection Committee