- Micro Mechanics and Multiscale Materials Modeling


The origin of
                              deformation induced topological anisotropy in silica glass
 15th September 2023  New paper published in Acta Materialia: "The origin of deformation induced topological anisotropy in silica glass" by S. Ganisetti, A. Atila, J. Guénolé, A. Prakash, J. Horbach, L. Wondraczek, E. Bitzek.
COMPLAS 2023 in Barcelona
 05.-07.09.2023  COMPLAS 2023 in Barcelona: Talk (Keynote) by B. Eidel "Novel Architectures of Deep Neural Networks for Universal Predictions of Elasticity Tensors in Homogenization".
Annual Meeting of the GAMM in Dresden
 30.05.- 03.06.2023  Annual Meeting of the GAMM in Dresden: Talk (topical speaker) by B. Eidel: "Novel Architectures of Deep Homogenization Neural Networks for Universal Predictions".
Successful defense of PPP
 15.06.2023  Successful defense of Felix-Daniel Rajendran's Personal Programming Project "Phase Field Modeling of Diffusion-stress-fracture in Li-Ion Battery". Supervision by Prof. Eidel
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 24th October 2022

Paper accepted for publication in Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering:

B. Eidel: Deep CNNs as Universal Predictors of Elasticity Tensors in Homogenization

Logo MSE 2022 27th - 29th September 2022

MSE Congress in Darmstadt:

Talk by B. Eidel: "Deep Learning Predicts Elasticity Tensors And Their Bounds In Homogenization By Links To Microstructure"

Richard von Mises and Ludwig Prandtl - the founders of GAMM_Gesellschaft fuer Angewandte Mathemathik und Mechanik 15th - 19th August 2022

Annual Meeting of the GAMM in Aachen:

Talk by B. Eidel: “Deep CNNs Learn Lessons of Homogenization to Predict Elasticity Tensors With Bounds”

29th July 2022

PhD/Postdoc position available:

In the Micromechanical Materials Modeling group of Prof. Eidel there is a Postdoc/PhD position available, which is funded by the DFG. Deadline for application is August 22. For further information please follow the contactS.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bernhard Eidel 1st February 2022

New Head of Chair of Micromechanical Materials Modelling:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bernhard Eidel has accepted the call to the professorship/chair "Micromechanical Materials Modelling". He took up this position on 1st February 2022 as the successor to Prof. Dr. Stefan Sandfeld.

Until the end of January 2022, he was employed at the University of Siegen as head of the DFG Heisenberg Group at the Institute of Mechanics and as a private lecturer in, among other things, engineering mechanics. 

We congratulate Prof. Eidel on his appointment to this professorship and wish him every success and pleasure in his new task.

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